Monday, February 28, 2005


Monday Stew

Wow, time sure flies. It feels like last week didn't even happen. Alot of stuff did manage to happen though, and I'm not interested in the majority of it. Some people won Oscars, others succeeded in chasing out the dictatorial oppressors. Watching the news, it's obvious to me what Hollywood finds more important, but I have a feeling the rest of us are losing interest in watching a bunch of plastic people jeer at our President and congratulate each other on being rich. Seriously, I don't know why more of these people aren't killing themselves. What a hollow existence. Anyway, Syria pulled out of Lebanon, and turned in a bunch of Baathists, and the pressure is still mounting on their leadership. We have them on the run, why back off now. Good job Syria, you've been very helpful, now quit sponsoring terrorism. In other news, they think they've caught Bin Laden urging Al-Zarqawi to attack the U.S.. Okay Osama, great advice, now go back to your hole where your fellow cave rats still find you relevant. Unless you'd like to join Saddam in the super-special Human Right's Violator's cage. But enough about the Middle East, what about Japan's plans to put a manned base on the moon. I'm fine with it, as long as their flag is shorter than ours, b/c we were their first. If theirs is taller, I say we capture their moon base. I'd take any excuse to see the establishment of a Space Division of the U.S. military. I want spaceships with laser beams already! Michael Jackson's trial apparently just started. Just flippin' started. I was hoping it'd be over soon. Fox, CNN, NBC, these trials are rarely any of my business. How about we talk about something else, and you can tell us what happens when it's over. I don't need the graphic details. Good News, they caught the BTK killer. I'd never even heard of BTK until last week, but I'm glad they finally caught up with him. It took them long enough. Way to be on top of things over there in Witchita. Russia is continuing to build nuclear stuff in Iran. Why are we still talking to Russia? Here's a heartwarming story for you cat lovers. Police in Gillepse, wherever that is, tasered, then fatally shot a kitty who was stuck in a garage. If you read the story, make sure you particpate in their poll. Apparently only 30% of Gillepse residents would not vote for a woman to be President of the United States.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Mr. Bush Goes To Washington

I don't know what to make of Bush on this Social Security debate. He's got the support, I think he could do whatever he wants to, right? So why is he pushing so hard to work with the Democrats on this one. He's even talked about raising taxes. Have you learned nothing from your Dad? Tax increases are bad policy for Republicans. I honestly wouldn't have a problem with him reaching out to Democrats if I thought for an instant that they would be up to it. But I know they aren't, that isn't how Democrats work. They are just there to oppose the President on whatever he says. They oppose the simple assumption that there is even a problem. They're even opposed to him talking about cooperation between the parties. They aren't going to compromise, Mr. Bush, and even if you go down the list and give them everything they want, they will still be against it. Case-in-point perscription drugs. They were against that one, even though it's pure Socialism. So what is up here? Are you sincerely trying to reach out to avoid partisianship? Or are you just trying to expose them for what they are? Will this come up in our '08 bid? Judging by how we ran that last campaign, I don't think Republicans are that cunning. All I know, is that if you raise taxes, there will never be another Bush in the White House. Whatever happens it will be interesting to watch.. Okay the commerical break is over, and cartoons are even more interesting to watch.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


"Weak People Are Beaten"

Syria sponsores terrorism.

Syria even backs Iraqi terorists.

Russia and Syria are good buddies.

So now, Russia has decided to sell weapons systems to Syria.

Russia, not only are you not our friend anymore (and you aren't invited to our birthday), but you are also incredibly stupid. At least it looks that way. Now, I know that almost every decision Russia makes is lathered in ex-Soviet corruption, but selling arms to Syria?

Syria sponsors terrorists.

Russia is not immune to terrorism.

Chechenya and Syria aren't exactly enemies.

You're weapons could very easily end up on you're borders, fighting against you're army. You gave us a great speech once about showing weakness, and how weak people are beaten. Allow me to point out someting very important. You're weakness isn't in your failure to respond quickly, or with great force. You Russians are quite handy with you're brutal tactics, especially those Cossacks. You're weakness lies in you're corruption, and you're corruption could very easily do you in someday. Especially if you are selling weapons to your enemies. The part that we care about is the fact that you are selling weapons to our enemies as well. So what do we do about this? Well, for starters, we could accept Ukraine into our NATO treaty. Which basically means that they would be in our club, and not yours. Therefore all of those weapons you export may be missing a few key components. We might find a use for that old alliance after all. Especially, Russia, if you don't cut the crap, and soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Voting Democrat Is Murder

Dean: Avoid Using Term “Pro-Choice” to Attract Potential Conservative Voters

"Dean, making the comments Thursday at the Democratic National Committee meeting, said, “I don't think we should use ‘pro-choice’,” because it brands Democrats as too pro-abortion, according to a New York Post report."

It's like they aren't even trying anymore. We used to have to search for inconsistencies. We would have to take something a Democrat says, and spend all that time looking for that one instance where he said something completely different. Then we'd have to point it out to as many people as possible. Now, they are just coming right out and saying "don't say pro-choice because they will think you vote in favor of abortion measures." So Democrats are going to be against abortion in red states. Then, in Washington, when the Senate passes a bill against stabbing half-born babies in the back of the head and sucking their brains out, Barbara Boxer will say something like this:

"I want a civilized society. That means you care about the women of this country. That means you care about their pregnancies. That means you want to help them through the most difficult times. That means you don't play doctor here."

Whatever you change the term to next, Americans are going to figure out that you guys support abortion. I think it's the Republicans' turn to change the language. Democrats are pro-baby murder. Instead of watching you coin various terms to make your position seem more acceptable, I'm just calling it for what it is from now on. Pro-Baby Murder. How's that for free speech, you baby-murdering sodomites? I'm gonna go burn a donkey.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Monday Stew

So what happened over the weekend? It looks as if the world was on fire at one point. Alls you need to do is type "Inferno" into google's news search, and you get a whole list of tragedies: There's the tower inferno in Madrid, a mosque inferno in Tehran (wherever that is), a tanker inferno in Florida, an oil pipeline inferno in Iraq, and word that 50-cent is doing a remake of Disco Inferno. Like I said, very tragic stuff going on out there. Another bombing in the Phillipines, as well as one in Lebanon made the headlines. I feel bad, but I'm starting to get used to turning on the news and finding out that some huge explosion has killed x number of people. It makes me glad to live in America, if nothing else. Not everyone died over the weekend, though, and I was glad to find that out. Karl Malone has retired, and Carly Fiona was fired. One of them "will have received $45 million worth in stock options and severance pay on top of her regular salary and cash bonuses after five years at the company," and the other leaves without so much as a championship ring after almost 20 years. That's why it's better to get an education, I suppose. If you're a fan of Linux, you might be interested in it's liscensing overhaul. A.D.D. sank in after about the first paragraph of that story, and I was distracted by the robotic soldier. It has really good aim. The Shi'ites swept the Iraqi elections, and Ray Charles swept the Grammys. It wasn't fair though. The Sunnis are a minority party and were afraid to vote, and Ray Charles is dead. How can you beat a dead guy? Oh well, there is always next year. I'm talking to the Sunnis of course, I don't really care about "artists" and the "Grammys." I have "lengthy award show featuring annoying hosts who tell stupid jokes A.D.D." But who doesn't? Apparently gay men don't, according to Chris Rock, but that's another story that I am not nearly as enthralled with as Matt Drudge is. So to scrape the bottom of the pot of stew, Howard Dean is the new DNC chariman. They'd be screwed if the Republicans could get their act together anytime soon. This website referred to him as a "coherent alternative to Bush." If you are turning to Howard Dean for coherency, you know you've got problems. Finally, Virginia Senators decided against a bill that would prohibit people from wearing their pants so low that their underwear shows. I guess that's good news for homeboys. Now they don't have to go "commando" to wear their pants at half mast. That's even better news for the rest of us.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Freedom's Whisper

Saudi Arabia held elections this week. Whether you see them as a sham, or a good start, it's more than they had last year. They are all muncipal representatives, and the only account for half of the muncipal councils that will be filled. The other half are appointed. Only men get to vote, and this is interesting, it appears they have to be non-military to do so. Either way, things are changing, and it isn't completely isolated from Iraq's elections in it's timing. We'll see where this leads. It's hard to get kings to let go of power, but it's not impossible.

Saudi Males Vote In Riyadh Elections- ABC News

Saudi Arabia Prepares for Historic Municipal Elections- VOA News

Saudi Men Vote in Landmark Election- Swiss Info

More than 100 birds slam into glass walls; many die-

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Naked Streets Leave Cars Less Racy

Stripped down, bare-asphalt naked streets are becoming popular in Europe. Gone are the days of stop signs, sidewalks, center dividers, or even little yellow lines down the middle. The objective of this radical makeover is safety. The idea is that if there are fewer elements along the road such as street signs or sidewalks to give drivers a comfort zone, people will cruise through more cautiously. They administered the "naked treatment" to an intersection in the Netherlands known for traffic problems. In the four years since, trip times have been reduced, as well as car speeds, and the number of accidents. There has yet to be a fatal accident there since. So now people are talking about doing more of this in the future. Does anyone else see a problem here? The only reason people are more cautious on "naked streets" is because they aren't used to them. If stop signs, and sidewalks cease to exist, eventually people will get comfortable with it, and they will find their comfort zone again. So that leaves us with a bigger problem. What then? Inflatable children that pop up in front of drivers? Eventually they'll get used to that too, which wouldn't be good. I say, as much as I love the idea of just me, my car, and the open road, this will eventually make things worse. This is what happens when you let Europe get ahold of stuff they don't understand, I guess they'll have to learn their lesson the hard way. Cheerio, and Happy Chinese New Year. Year of the cock already? Wow time sure flies.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Blair Bans the French

Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair plans to allow only people who speak English and have skills that are in demand to settle in Britain, after polls showed the public considers immigration rules to be too weak.

Hmmm. I like it. Let's do it. Maybe not so strict. You have to be able to say more than "Ok", and "No Speak English" to immigrate here illegally. Blair is going as far as blocking out anyone who isn't an English speaking dentist. I say he's on the right track. I think illegal immigrants should only be allowed to stay if they can speak English. If it were up to me, illegal immigration would be illegal, but I guess that's too much to ask of certain states. Imagine if someone actually suggested doing this in the U.S. All Blair needed was a poll that showed the majority of the public thinks immigration laws are too lax. Here's a poll for President Bush. I didn't have to look too far. I just typed in "poll US immigration policy" in Google, and it was the first thing on the list. Apparently 70% of Americans think our immigration policy isn't strong enough. So why are so many politicians afraid of the issue? Perhaps because the Liberals will politically slay any politician who even mentions protecting our borders. I'm not saying we ban Mexicans, I'm actually in favor of making it easier on those who want to come in to do so legally. I'm also in favor of teaching them English, to help them succeed in our country. I wouldn't mind other education courses to help them adjust culturally, stay sober, and discipline their fricken kids, either. But such suggestions would be deemed by the Liberals as a heartless attempt to assimilate Mexicans and destroy their culture. Why are they afraid of educating Mexicans, and helping them to succeed? Because successful, educated Mexicans don't need Liberals to promise them free stuff in exchange for their votes. The uneducated will be more prone to buying into the lie that protecting borders is racist, and anyone who opposes illegal immigration hates all Mexicans. A secure border isn't about racism, it's about our safety. That goes for all of us, no matter what our heritage is.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Monday Stew

The super bowl is over, the Patriots won. Hooray for Tom Brady. That's who I was rooting for, not that black guy who got Rush fired. Rush was obviously right about him, he is only a quarterback because he is black, and he's all hype. He proved that last night by losing the Super Bowl... So anyway, the halftime show was much improved this year. Paul McCartany was a much better alternative to Janet Jackson's boob flapping around. The only time shirts were popping off of ladies was during the commercials. And that's okay, because those women were hot, and nobody knows their name. Plus, they were funny. "I didn't mean to upset the comittee." I guess if it's their job to be a piece of meat designed to lure hapless fat guys into purchasing whatever product correlates to the logo stamped across the one spot where their eyes never drift from, then we understand. But a washed up Michael Jackson look-alike being undressed by a homo-monkey? Sorry, get off the stage. I guess what I am trying to say is congratulations to Tom Brady. He played it well. Eagles sucked, though, what was up with the onside kick? You had 2 whole minutes left in the game! Bush and Clinton were hanging out on the field before the game. Those two have become the best of friends lately. Throw in Jimmy Carter, and you've got yourself a sitcom. Apparently stuff other than the football game did happen over the weekend. Bush signed his budget. Right away the Democrats started whining. "He's starving poor children, and running over puppies with SUV's, etc." How did I know that after all of their grousing about Bush's deficits, they'd be opposed to any solution he comes up with? I'm psychic, that's all there is to it. West Hollywood is banning plastic surgery for their pets. Sorry Ms. Hilton, you'll have to fly to Canada to get your puppy a snout job. Thailand promised to do a better job, economically speaking. NASA can't save Hubble, and apparently it's Bush's fault for not giving them the 400 Bazillion Dollars they needed to do it with. NASA, you get plenty of money, fix the best thing you've ever created. The mayor of New York is appealing for a ban on gay marriage, even though he says he is in favor of gay marriage. Uh-huh. He sounds like a closet homophobe to me. The new Playstation 3 chip was unveiled. Drool. The Pope is still in the hospital, but only he can decide to retire. I don't know if that's such a good system... And to end this weeks stew, a heartwarming story of one of America's oldest institutions. A lawsuit was filed against a movie theater because a security guard would not let a woman take her seeing eye dog in. Apparently, for some stupid reason, the theater didn't want the 230 pound English Mastiff named "Little Monster" to be allowed inside. Because of this she had to refund her tickets, and the poor blind woman didn't get to see the movie. Let's see here, you got the refund, and you didn't have to sit through "Shall We Dance," which would suck, even if you are already blind prior to going in. You're suing, why?

Friday, February 04, 2005


Careful- It's Contagious

I've been hearing alot of talk about invading Iran, and Syria, and what not. My advice to the President would be to hold off on that, and I think that's the feeling in the White House. Condi said that there were no "immediate plans" to invade any of them. The general feeling seems to be that they can be taken care of diplomatically. I don't know how many people saw this story that came out right after the elections in Iraq, but I think it says it all. The title is "Arabs Mezmorized by Iraqi Elections." It describes how people in the countries surrounding Iraq have taken an interest in what Iraq is becoming, and governments of those countries are fearing civil revolution.

"Arab governments may not say it, but they don't want Iraq's democratic experiment to succeed," said Turki al-Hamad, a prominent Saudi columnist and former political science professor. "Such a success would embarrass them and present them with the dilemma of either changing or being changed."

If this is true, then the President will look like a genius. When more Mideast countries are forced into democracy, we will look at Bush, like we look at Reagan, who stood up to the Soviets, and turned out to be absolutely right. Iraq wasn't just about Iraq, it was about all of the countries over there, whether they are allies or not. At least that's the feeling I get from the White House. We aren't ruling out military action, but we hope things won't come to that.

Update: Condi addresses Iran

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Western Generosity

Look, I know we all felt bad for the tsunami victims, and we all want to help. That said, I don't think they need ski jackets in Sri Lanka. They are pretty close to the Equator, you know. Among the other items we can stop sending over: cozy winter hats, Arctic-weather tents, cologne and thong underwear. Yes, I can understand how thong underwear can be easily lost in a tsunami, but I would venture to say that perhaps they don't need that just yet. After all, a cute thong doesn't do you any good if you don't have a HOUSE to put it in. They apparently have freshwater sources, and those plastic bottles are just turning into unnecessary litter. I don't know where we are getting ahold of Morphine, but apparently it's becoming quite popular over there with the locals. So now they have no house, AND they are addicted to morphine. Good Job, America. How about cough syrup, they don't have very much cough syrup. and if you send pajama tops, send some pajama bottoms along as well. Oh, and make sure you label the medice bottles, doctors don't just hand them out regardless of what they do. And men, you can keep your Viagra. However bizzare your contributions are, I'm sure Sri Lanka appreciates the thought. But they have plenty of lingerie, maybe send an old mattress instead.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Socialist Security

The State of the Union speech is over. I can't believe I was able to sit through the whole thing! Sure I was playing Call of Duty online at the time, but I was listening, sort of. I heard lots of good things, we'll see what he can pull off with his "political capital." Afterwards, the Fox talk was all about Social Security. I was excited about the Social Security debate before it started, but now I want to gouge my eyes out with a cold spoon whenever anyone mentions it. The idiot from the Democrats is yakking right now about how bad it would be to "gamble" away the retirement funds of Americans. He obviously doesn't understand the concept of bonds. This is not playing the market, and not all investments involve risk. Plenty of investments come with guaranteed returns, and I'm guessing that those will be the ones that retirement funds will be placed in. The reason I like this idea so much, and no one ever talks about this, is that the retirement money will be put to good use. Instead of sitting around, or being wasted by the government, it will be funding whatever investments it is placed into. This is good for the economy, the nation, and every individual. The more I listen to these pinheads, the more I understand that they just like to oppose the president. Either that, or they are very allergic to facts. They are also quite dillusional to believe that a whole bunch of promisary notes from the government makes anything "solid." The only way the picture can be as rosy as they paint it, is through massive tax increases. Bottom Line, and now that I think about it, that's probably their reasoning behind their opposition in this whole thing. They see a juicy, tantalizing tax hike, and they will do anything they can to get their hands on it. "Hi, My name is Nancy Pelosi, and I'm a taxaholic." It's all about big government, more taxes, and socialism to these people. Anyways, I'd love to form a coherent opinion on this subject, complete with strong arguments, etc. but that isn't how A.D.D. works. I said good day, sir.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Monday Stew

Well it's the beginning of a new week, and there is lots to talk about. Not that I ever talk about any of this with anyone, but it's interesting nonetheless. At this moment drudge is running pictures of Howard Dean, heralding him as the frontrunner for DNC chairman. Apparently Frost dropped out, and now he's the pick. Good one Democrats. I can see him leading your party in the right, err, left direction. Yeeaarrghh! In other news we found the name of the mother of Michael Jackson's accuser. It's Janet Jackson. Don't ask me, it's just another bizzare notation to be added to the notebook of that crazy ex-black man's life. It turns out Snoop Dogg is being accused of sexual assault. I know, I know, I'm shocked too. He seemed like such a nice boy. You expect this from guys like Bill O'Reilly, but never from a upright citizen like Mr. Dogg. Let's see, what else. Elections in Iraq, changed the world, etc. I'm sure you heard about that at some point. The Pope may die here pretty soon. He's old, so... It wouldn't come as a complete surprise to me. I think he was probably going senile, so I think the church is ready for a young, vigourous new Pope to take the helm. They need a strong figurehead during this time of crisis. Someone who can stand up and say, "No, our church does NOT rape little boys." Maybe someone like Michael Jackson, if he wasn't tied down to that lawsuit of his. In other news, Australians have been warned against traveling to Nepal. Apparently the king ransacked the government for some reason or another, so it isn't safe for Australians. Clinton is the new head of Tsunami rebuilding, according to CNN. I don't know what that means, but I'm sure he's getting a kick out of that. I always knew he had a future in the UN. We should get out now, before he ends up running our country again if you ask me. SBC, and AT&T just merged, and now they're cutting 13,000 jobs. Nothing like screwing 13,000 faithful employees after a good merger to get your blood moving in the morning, eh? Skype VoIP Service Expanded To Linux, OS X. I cut and pasted that, because I don't know what it means. The CAN-SPAM act appears to be a failure, and politicians will perhaps finally begin to realize that the internet is bigger than the United States. Honestly, who thought that was going to work. Anywho, that's enough stew for today. It's always better on Tuesday, isn't it?