Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Socialist Security

The State of the Union speech is over. I can't believe I was able to sit through the whole thing! Sure I was playing Call of Duty online at the time, but I was listening, sort of. I heard lots of good things, we'll see what he can pull off with his "political capital." Afterwards, the Fox talk was all about Social Security. I was excited about the Social Security debate before it started, but now I want to gouge my eyes out with a cold spoon whenever anyone mentions it. The idiot from the Democrats is yakking right now about how bad it would be to "gamble" away the retirement funds of Americans. He obviously doesn't understand the concept of bonds. This is not playing the market, and not all investments involve risk. Plenty of investments come with guaranteed returns, and I'm guessing that those will be the ones that retirement funds will be placed in. The reason I like this idea so much, and no one ever talks about this, is that the retirement money will be put to good use. Instead of sitting around, or being wasted by the government, it will be funding whatever investments it is placed into. This is good for the economy, the nation, and every individual. The more I listen to these pinheads, the more I understand that they just like to oppose the president. Either that, or they are very allergic to facts. They are also quite dillusional to believe that a whole bunch of promisary notes from the government makes anything "solid." The only way the picture can be as rosy as they paint it, is through massive tax increases. Bottom Line, and now that I think about it, that's probably their reasoning behind their opposition in this whole thing. They see a juicy, tantalizing tax hike, and they will do anything they can to get their hands on it. "Hi, My name is Nancy Pelosi, and I'm a taxaholic." It's all about big government, more taxes, and socialism to these people. Anyways, I'd love to form a coherent opinion on this subject, complete with strong arguments, etc. but that isn't how A.D.D. works. I said good day, sir.

Sean Hannity nailed some guy good last night on Fox... quoted stuff that sounded like Bush, he claimed it was allllll wrong, and Sean told him that it was Clinton who said it and cornered the guy.
I'm sorry I missed that. I love it when he does that. It wouldn't be that funny if it was so hard for any Democrat to say that Clinton has ever been wrong. If you believe it, you believe it. Who cares what Clinton thinks? But in an argument that is pure politics, you have to follow the leader.
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