Thursday, February 03, 2005


Western Generosity

Look, I know we all felt bad for the tsunami victims, and we all want to help. That said, I don't think they need ski jackets in Sri Lanka. They are pretty close to the Equator, you know. Among the other items we can stop sending over: cozy winter hats, Arctic-weather tents, cologne and thong underwear. Yes, I can understand how thong underwear can be easily lost in a tsunami, but I would venture to say that perhaps they don't need that just yet. After all, a cute thong doesn't do you any good if you don't have a HOUSE to put it in. They apparently have freshwater sources, and those plastic bottles are just turning into unnecessary litter. I don't know where we are getting ahold of Morphine, but apparently it's becoming quite popular over there with the locals. So now they have no house, AND they are addicted to morphine. Good Job, America. How about cough syrup, they don't have very much cough syrup. and if you send pajama tops, send some pajama bottoms along as well. Oh, and make sure you label the medice bottles, doctors don't just hand them out regardless of what they do. And men, you can keep your Viagra. However bizzare your contributions are, I'm sure Sri Lanka appreciates the thought. But they have plenty of lingerie, maybe send an old mattress instead.

I think part of it's arrogence. We think we know EXACTLY what other people need. Even when they're half a world away.
Some people... I was thinking, I sent over 5 packs of blank CD-ROMs, those get ruined if they get wet, you know.
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