Wednesday, February 16, 2005


"Weak People Are Beaten"

Syria sponsores terrorism.

Syria even backs Iraqi terorists.

Russia and Syria are good buddies.

So now, Russia has decided to sell weapons systems to Syria.

Russia, not only are you not our friend anymore (and you aren't invited to our birthday), but you are also incredibly stupid. At least it looks that way. Now, I know that almost every decision Russia makes is lathered in ex-Soviet corruption, but selling arms to Syria?

Syria sponsors terrorists.

Russia is not immune to terrorism.

Chechenya and Syria aren't exactly enemies.

You're weapons could very easily end up on you're borders, fighting against you're army. You gave us a great speech once about showing weakness, and how weak people are beaten. Allow me to point out someting very important. You're weakness isn't in your failure to respond quickly, or with great force. You Russians are quite handy with you're brutal tactics, especially those Cossacks. You're weakness lies in you're corruption, and you're corruption could very easily do you in someday. Especially if you are selling weapons to your enemies. The part that we care about is the fact that you are selling weapons to our enemies as well. So what do we do about this? Well, for starters, we could accept Ukraine into our NATO treaty. Which basically means that they would be in our club, and not yours. Therefore all of those weapons you export may be missing a few key components. We might find a use for that old alliance after all. Especially, Russia, if you don't cut the crap, and soon.

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