Monday, February 14, 2005


Monday Stew

So what happened over the weekend? It looks as if the world was on fire at one point. Alls you need to do is type "Inferno" into google's news search, and you get a whole list of tragedies: There's the tower inferno in Madrid, a mosque inferno in Tehran (wherever that is), a tanker inferno in Florida, an oil pipeline inferno in Iraq, and word that 50-cent is doing a remake of Disco Inferno. Like I said, very tragic stuff going on out there. Another bombing in the Phillipines, as well as one in Lebanon made the headlines. I feel bad, but I'm starting to get used to turning on the news and finding out that some huge explosion has killed x number of people. It makes me glad to live in America, if nothing else. Not everyone died over the weekend, though, and I was glad to find that out. Karl Malone has retired, and Carly Fiona was fired. One of them "will have received $45 million worth in stock options and severance pay on top of her regular salary and cash bonuses after five years at the company," and the other leaves without so much as a championship ring after almost 20 years. That's why it's better to get an education, I suppose. If you're a fan of Linux, you might be interested in it's liscensing overhaul. A.D.D. sank in after about the first paragraph of that story, and I was distracted by the robotic soldier. It has really good aim. The Shi'ites swept the Iraqi elections, and Ray Charles swept the Grammys. It wasn't fair though. The Sunnis are a minority party and were afraid to vote, and Ray Charles is dead. How can you beat a dead guy? Oh well, there is always next year. I'm talking to the Sunnis of course, I don't really care about "artists" and the "Grammys." I have "lengthy award show featuring annoying hosts who tell stupid jokes A.D.D." But who doesn't? Apparently gay men don't, according to Chris Rock, but that's another story that I am not nearly as enthralled with as Matt Drudge is. So to scrape the bottom of the pot of stew, Howard Dean is the new DNC chariman. They'd be screwed if the Republicans could get their act together anytime soon. This website referred to him as a "coherent alternative to Bush." If you are turning to Howard Dean for coherency, you know you've got problems. Finally, Virginia Senators decided against a bill that would prohibit people from wearing their pants so low that their underwear shows. I guess that's good news for homeboys. Now they don't have to go "commando" to wear their pants at half mast. That's even better news for the rest of us.

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