Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Voting Democrat Is Murder

Dean: Avoid Using Term “Pro-Choice” to Attract Potential Conservative Voters

"Dean, making the comments Thursday at the Democratic National Committee meeting, said, “I don't think we should use ‘pro-choice’,” because it brands Democrats as too pro-abortion, according to a New York Post report."

It's like they aren't even trying anymore. We used to have to search for inconsistencies. We would have to take something a Democrat says, and spend all that time looking for that one instance where he said something completely different. Then we'd have to point it out to as many people as possible. Now, they are just coming right out and saying "don't say pro-choice because they will think you vote in favor of abortion measures." So Democrats are going to be against abortion in red states. Then, in Washington, when the Senate passes a bill against stabbing half-born babies in the back of the head and sucking their brains out, Barbara Boxer will say something like this:

"I want a civilized society. That means you care about the women of this country. That means you care about their pregnancies. That means you want to help them through the most difficult times. That means you don't play doctor here."

Whatever you change the term to next, Americans are going to figure out that you guys support abortion. I think it's the Republicans' turn to change the language. Democrats are pro-baby murder. Instead of watching you coin various terms to make your position seem more acceptable, I'm just calling it for what it is from now on. Pro-Baby Murder. How's that for free speech, you baby-murdering sodomites? I'm gonna go burn a donkey.

They have to hide their true selves and their true beliefs because most of America ISNT in favor of abortion. They've been trying to say otherwise for twenty five years, but I think this last election was the wakeup call that Yes, there really ARE more people who hold red state values than hold your sad liberal views.
Right, they are fringe wackos. And they can't hide it anymore. The thing that makes it so entertaining is that they try to anyway. It's as if they don't realize that we're onto them. '04 was a wake-up call, in fact their phone has been ringing off the hook since 2000, but I don't expect them to pick up anytime soon. At least I hope not, I wanna see these guys hit rock-bottom. Maybe when they are wandering the streets, unshaven and disheveled, we can offer them rehab or something.
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