Thursday, February 10, 2005


Freedom's Whisper

Saudi Arabia held elections this week. Whether you see them as a sham, or a good start, it's more than they had last year. They are all muncipal representatives, and the only account for half of the muncipal councils that will be filled. The other half are appointed. Only men get to vote, and this is interesting, it appears they have to be non-military to do so. Either way, things are changing, and it isn't completely isolated from Iraq's elections in it's timing. We'll see where this leads. It's hard to get kings to let go of power, but it's not impossible.

Saudi Males Vote In Riyadh Elections- ABC News

Saudi Arabia Prepares for Historic Municipal Elections- VOA News

Saudi Men Vote in Landmark Election- Swiss Info

More than 100 birds slam into glass walls; many die-

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