Wednesday, September 09, 2009


How the West Was Lost

I had a thought today.

Our government is taking our nation out at the knees. It seems like no matter what industry you want to get into, both federal and state governments are now providing you with endless paperwork, fees and nitpicking regulations that suck the enjoyment for people who were getting along just fine without them.

Its like you are trying to take a bath and some fat guy comes in and sits down in your bathtub with you, splashing all of the water out and leaving you far less room to maneuver and accomplish what you are trying to do. Also you are naked and would appreciate a little privacy.

But it gets worse. Here in CA, they've made enemies out of producers. They've already chased out the miners. They've just about done away with logging. Agriculture is next. Make no mistake, the attack on farmers via the "endangered species act" is not a flub or a misplaced ideology, and it was never about the Delta Smelt. It is an underhanded and calculated attack on agriculture in California. Certain people, and you'd have to ask them what their motives are, want to see a flat-out end to production in this state. Already farmers across the state are idling their ground and filing for bankruptcy. And it is exactly the scenario that the powers that be want to see. If this weren't the case, we would never make it to such a fantastically absurd situation in which we see lives destroyed on account of an arguably worthless minnow.

Hetch Hetchy Valley would be as beautiful and revered as the Yosemite Valley were it not underwater, and it is probably teeming with species that might be affected by the giant water pumps in it's water channels. You never hear a word spoken by these "green" groups about this area, because the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir provides the drinking water for San Francisco. If it was needed for agriculture use, I guarantee that there would be another minnow or cricket or fern in some sort of peril in Hetch Hetchy that would warrant the draining of its reservoir and the denial of its water to those who are paying for it.

Do you want to know why China will be the next superpower? It isn't because they own our national debt, or because they have alot of people. It is because they know how to mobilize their workforce and utilize their natural resources. China is a so-called Communist country, yet the Republic of the United States has far more social programs than China does. Furthermore it is very arguable that the current leadership of the U.S. values the philosophies of Marxism and Socialism far more than Chinese officials do, simply by merit of the organizations and the relationships that the President and his cabinet members have been a part of throughout their entire political careers versus the strategic, free-market maneuverings of the PRC, which are commonplace among washed-up and disillusioned Communist countries.

Whereas the Chinese are rapidly finding and asserting new freedoms and voices in their government, the citizenry of United States is, more rapidly of late, watching theirs diminish. Production is being trampled. Private sectors are being raided. And the Bill of Rights no longer protects people as it once did. This is the New Deal. And it isn't a new New Deal, we're simply following through with the same old New Deal FDR made with us in the 20's. It takes a while, but when you give the government a cookie, sooner or later it's going to take all of your milk, declare your cows an environmental hazard (true story), and try its darndest to run you out of town.