Monday, February 28, 2005


Monday Stew

Wow, time sure flies. It feels like last week didn't even happen. Alot of stuff did manage to happen though, and I'm not interested in the majority of it. Some people won Oscars, others succeeded in chasing out the dictatorial oppressors. Watching the news, it's obvious to me what Hollywood finds more important, but I have a feeling the rest of us are losing interest in watching a bunch of plastic people jeer at our President and congratulate each other on being rich. Seriously, I don't know why more of these people aren't killing themselves. What a hollow existence. Anyway, Syria pulled out of Lebanon, and turned in a bunch of Baathists, and the pressure is still mounting on their leadership. We have them on the run, why back off now. Good job Syria, you've been very helpful, now quit sponsoring terrorism. In other news, they think they've caught Bin Laden urging Al-Zarqawi to attack the U.S.. Okay Osama, great advice, now go back to your hole where your fellow cave rats still find you relevant. Unless you'd like to join Saddam in the super-special Human Right's Violator's cage. But enough about the Middle East, what about Japan's plans to put a manned base on the moon. I'm fine with it, as long as their flag is shorter than ours, b/c we were their first. If theirs is taller, I say we capture their moon base. I'd take any excuse to see the establishment of a Space Division of the U.S. military. I want spaceships with laser beams already! Michael Jackson's trial apparently just started. Just flippin' started. I was hoping it'd be over soon. Fox, CNN, NBC, these trials are rarely any of my business. How about we talk about something else, and you can tell us what happens when it's over. I don't need the graphic details. Good News, they caught the BTK killer. I'd never even heard of BTK until last week, but I'm glad they finally caught up with him. It took them long enough. Way to be on top of things over there in Witchita. Russia is continuing to build nuclear stuff in Iran. Why are we still talking to Russia? Here's a heartwarming story for you cat lovers. Police in Gillepse, wherever that is, tasered, then fatally shot a kitty who was stuck in a garage. If you read the story, make sure you particpate in their poll. Apparently only 30% of Gillepse residents would not vote for a woman to be President of the United States.

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