Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm Posting on my Blog

But don't tell anyone. Hopefully, you are not even reading this. It took me almost an hour to get past Google's captcha hurdle regain access to my account so I figured I might as well post. The world is pretty much how I left it a year and a half ago. Not much to add. President Bush's term is almost up and now his office is up for grabs. I don't see why people try so hard to get that job. I was going to apply, but when I found an application, it said it required "experience in the field of public service". I don't understand how I am supposed to get experience in the field of public service if every job requires experience in public service! I should've just applied, somehow Obama got away with it.

Another important thing that happened is a landmark ruling coming out Palm Beach. Apparently laws banning baggy pants are unconstitutional. This was decided by a judge who thought it was a little excessive when a kid spent a night in jail for wearing them. It is a sad day for decency. First they'll tell us we can't outlaw baggy pants. Soon we won't be able to make people wear their seatbelts or stop using their fireplaces. At this rate, there may come a day when we can't even tell people how many pets they can have! We lose ground to the forces of liberty each time a ruling like this is passed, and no one even seems to care.

Other than that, nothing new to report since early 2006, otherwise somebody would have told me and I would have posted it. Get on with your life and stop wasting your time reading my blog!