Monday, May 01, 2006


Monday Stew

It's May Day, (International Worker's Day), and we are all happily celebrating the social and economic achievements of the international labor party. I've got my International worker's day tree all set up in the living room and we've hid government cheese all over the house so the kiddies can find it. But wouldn't you know, some have gone and politicized this peaceful holiday. The Communist Party has riled up the Mexicans and told them not to work on May 1st. So now all of the hispanic students and truck drivers and anyone else who can afford to skip a day of work are going to do so just to prove how unreasonable it would be to kick all of the Mexicans out of the United States. I was at FoodMax last night and I did notice that there was an unusually large crowd of lower income latinos getting their pre-boycott shopping done. Our governor said this boycott would "hurt everyone," but I think FoodMax will be able to ride it out. So what else is going on? Bird Flu was found in New Jersey. Oil Prices are at about $73 dollars today after falling from $75 to about $71 last week. Our gas prices keep going up anyway. I love Capitalism, but oil companies definately embody the worst the free market has to offer. Ask anyone who has ever been involved with one legally. Out here in California they are legally allowed to take whatever land they choose to from local farmers without so much as a 'thank-you'... and they do. If they decide they can make money from an acre of your land, say goodbye to that section of your orchard. If you are a long term sort of investor, buy Microsoft today. Its share price fell about $3.00, shaving $32 Billion from its net worth. That was enough to purchase Costco. The price droppped right after Microsoft reported that it was shifting its focus to long term investments rather than short term profits. They just found a case of bird flu in New Jersey, and Google is making money off of your typos. Osama wants those Danish cartoonists handed over. China and Russia are warning the U.N. not to antagonize Iran. After all, those two have too much invested in Iran for a confrontation. The U.N. of all organizations should be able to sympathize with this. Life expectancy in the U.S. recently jumped up to 78, but it may drop to 1 year in New Jersey, where they just found the bird flu. There was a dog in Illinois recently burned down his owner's apartment. Thats what happens when you mix a poodle with a golden retriever.