Thursday, February 17, 2005


Mr. Bush Goes To Washington

I don't know what to make of Bush on this Social Security debate. He's got the support, I think he could do whatever he wants to, right? So why is he pushing so hard to work with the Democrats on this one. He's even talked about raising taxes. Have you learned nothing from your Dad? Tax increases are bad policy for Republicans. I honestly wouldn't have a problem with him reaching out to Democrats if I thought for an instant that they would be up to it. But I know they aren't, that isn't how Democrats work. They are just there to oppose the President on whatever he says. They oppose the simple assumption that there is even a problem. They're even opposed to him talking about cooperation between the parties. They aren't going to compromise, Mr. Bush, and even if you go down the list and give them everything they want, they will still be against it. Case-in-point perscription drugs. They were against that one, even though it's pure Socialism. So what is up here? Are you sincerely trying to reach out to avoid partisianship? Or are you just trying to expose them for what they are? Will this come up in our '08 bid? Judging by how we ran that last campaign, I don't think Republicans are that cunning. All I know, is that if you raise taxes, there will never be another Bush in the White House. Whatever happens it will be interesting to watch.. Okay the commerical break is over, and cartoons are even more interesting to watch.

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