Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Tuesday Stew

It's more like a salad, really. I'm really weary of politics right now, and I find it hard to pay attention. I guess the end of January is not very A.D.D. friendly. There is quite alot going on. Greenspan left his position again after raising the price of money one last time, for old time's sake. I think me and possibly Bernackey are the only ones who agree with this decision. Alito looks like he is ready to take his position on the Supreme Court. History was made today, and it's as boring now as it will be when it is mentioned in a political history class 20 years from now. Wiretapping is all the rage on Air America. I think about 75% of people don't care about the issue. Probably because they aren't worried about the President sitting in the Oval Office, listening to their conversation. Some are offended by the principle of the Executive Branch taking the authority upon themselves to supercede checks and balances to violate Americans' right to privacy, as it is laid out in Amendment X of the Constitution. Too bad, I don't like how the judicial branch constantly oversteps their position to enact legislational decisions that should be made by society in general. So we're even. We can protect Americans, and you can protect Infanticide. Kerry was quite the character, riding in from Davos calling for a filibuster only to fail miserably. Yep, you're even more irrelevant now than you were two years ago. Sorry, dude. And finally, we had a State of the Union address. I had a class, so I didn't get to see it, but I heard from a very reliable source that there was much rejoicing when President Bush mentioned that his Social Security solution was shot down. To which the President responded that the problem hasn't gone away, and that we need to reach a bi-partisan solution. Did you hear them cheer Mr. Bush? They were cheering for obstructionism. A party that rejoices in their ability to keep you from effectively leading the country will never be there for bipartisan support, no matter how many times you beg them to. They weren't cheering because Social Security was better, or even that a bad idea had been rejected. They were cheering because they stopped you from fixing it. This is why people don't pay attention to politics in this country. You're a bunch of 5th graders on the playground. "Red Rover, Red Rover, Call Social Security on over." Then all the Democrats hold hands and block anything with the words "Social Security" in it. I have a headache, and A.D.D., so that's it for today.

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