Wednesday, September 09, 2009


How the West Was Lost

I had a thought today.

Our government is taking our nation out at the knees. It seems like no matter what industry you want to get into, both federal and state governments are now providing you with endless paperwork, fees and nitpicking regulations that suck the enjoyment for people who were getting along just fine without them.

Its like you are trying to take a bath and some fat guy comes in and sits down in your bathtub with you, splashing all of the water out and leaving you far less room to maneuver and accomplish what you are trying to do. Also you are naked and would appreciate a little privacy.

But it gets worse. Here in CA, they've made enemies out of producers. They've already chased out the miners. They've just about done away with logging. Agriculture is next. Make no mistake, the attack on farmers via the "endangered species act" is not a flub or a misplaced ideology, and it was never about the Delta Smelt. It is an underhanded and calculated attack on agriculture in California. Certain people, and you'd have to ask them what their motives are, want to see a flat-out end to production in this state. Already farmers across the state are idling their ground and filing for bankruptcy. And it is exactly the scenario that the powers that be want to see. If this weren't the case, we would never make it to such a fantastically absurd situation in which we see lives destroyed on account of an arguably worthless minnow.

Hetch Hetchy Valley would be as beautiful and revered as the Yosemite Valley were it not underwater, and it is probably teeming with species that might be affected by the giant water pumps in it's water channels. You never hear a word spoken by these "green" groups about this area, because the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir provides the drinking water for San Francisco. If it was needed for agriculture use, I guarantee that there would be another minnow or cricket or fern in some sort of peril in Hetch Hetchy that would warrant the draining of its reservoir and the denial of its water to those who are paying for it.

Do you want to know why China will be the next superpower? It isn't because they own our national debt, or because they have alot of people. It is because they know how to mobilize their workforce and utilize their natural resources. China is a so-called Communist country, yet the Republic of the United States has far more social programs than China does. Furthermore it is very arguable that the current leadership of the U.S. values the philosophies of Marxism and Socialism far more than Chinese officials do, simply by merit of the organizations and the relationships that the President and his cabinet members have been a part of throughout their entire political careers versus the strategic, free-market maneuverings of the PRC, which are commonplace among washed-up and disillusioned Communist countries.

Whereas the Chinese are rapidly finding and asserting new freedoms and voices in their government, the citizenry of United States is, more rapidly of late, watching theirs diminish. Production is being trampled. Private sectors are being raided. And the Bill of Rights no longer protects people as it once did. This is the New Deal. And it isn't a new New Deal, we're simply following through with the same old New Deal FDR made with us in the 20's. It takes a while, but when you give the government a cookie, sooner or later it's going to take all of your milk, declare your cows an environmental hazard (true story), and try its darndest to run you out of town.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm Posting on my Blog

But don't tell anyone. Hopefully, you are not even reading this. It took me almost an hour to get past Google's captcha hurdle regain access to my account so I figured I might as well post. The world is pretty much how I left it a year and a half ago. Not much to add. President Bush's term is almost up and now his office is up for grabs. I don't see why people try so hard to get that job. I was going to apply, but when I found an application, it said it required "experience in the field of public service". I don't understand how I am supposed to get experience in the field of public service if every job requires experience in public service! I should've just applied, somehow Obama got away with it.

Another important thing that happened is a landmark ruling coming out Palm Beach. Apparently laws banning baggy pants are unconstitutional. This was decided by a judge who thought it was a little excessive when a kid spent a night in jail for wearing them. It is a sad day for decency. First they'll tell us we can't outlaw baggy pants. Soon we won't be able to make people wear their seatbelts or stop using their fireplaces. At this rate, there may come a day when we can't even tell people how many pets they can have! We lose ground to the forces of liberty each time a ruling like this is passed, and no one even seems to care.

Other than that, nothing new to report since early 2006, otherwise somebody would have told me and I would have posted it. Get on with your life and stop wasting your time reading my blog!

Monday, May 01, 2006


Monday Stew

It's May Day, (International Worker's Day), and we are all happily celebrating the social and economic achievements of the international labor party. I've got my International worker's day tree all set up in the living room and we've hid government cheese all over the house so the kiddies can find it. But wouldn't you know, some have gone and politicized this peaceful holiday. The Communist Party has riled up the Mexicans and told them not to work on May 1st. So now all of the hispanic students and truck drivers and anyone else who can afford to skip a day of work are going to do so just to prove how unreasonable it would be to kick all of the Mexicans out of the United States. I was at FoodMax last night and I did notice that there was an unusually large crowd of lower income latinos getting their pre-boycott shopping done. Our governor said this boycott would "hurt everyone," but I think FoodMax will be able to ride it out. So what else is going on? Bird Flu was found in New Jersey. Oil Prices are at about $73 dollars today after falling from $75 to about $71 last week. Our gas prices keep going up anyway. I love Capitalism, but oil companies definately embody the worst the free market has to offer. Ask anyone who has ever been involved with one legally. Out here in California they are legally allowed to take whatever land they choose to from local farmers without so much as a 'thank-you'... and they do. If they decide they can make money from an acre of your land, say goodbye to that section of your orchard. If you are a long term sort of investor, buy Microsoft today. Its share price fell about $3.00, shaving $32 Billion from its net worth. That was enough to purchase Costco. The price droppped right after Microsoft reported that it was shifting its focus to long term investments rather than short term profits. They just found a case of bird flu in New Jersey, and Google is making money off of your typos. Osama wants those Danish cartoonists handed over. China and Russia are warning the U.N. not to antagonize Iran. After all, those two have too much invested in Iran for a confrontation. The U.N. of all organizations should be able to sympathize with this. Life expectancy in the U.S. recently jumped up to 78, but it may drop to 1 year in New Jersey, where they just found the bird flu. There was a dog in Illinois recently burned down his owner's apartment. Thats what happens when you mix a poodle with a golden retriever.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Wii, oui?

With oil going for $3.20, Mexicans organizing a national strike to attempt to prove how unresonable it would be to kick all of the Mexicans out of the United States, and President Bush's staff going through a shake-up, putting Tony Snow up in front of the press, all failing to end my blogging hiatus, what could posibly bring me out of my slumber and lead me back here, weak-fingered and blurry-eyed to add another obscure block of text to the collective clutter of the word wide web? Nintendo "Wii". Millions of dollars into R&D, thousands of minds across the world working as one, and that is the best Nintendo can do? "Revolution" was cool, it was catchy and sticky, and most people could pronounce it without having to refer to a side-note in whatever article they are reading. Why "Wii?" Does it mean something in Japanese? No. Is it appealing to consumers? Nope. Does it make any sense at all? Um, no. Nintendo's reasoning: it's pronounced "we", signifying how everybody can enjoy it. The two "i's" represent two people playing, as well as the shape of the "Wii's" controllers. Apparently Nintendo's collective creative genius reflects that of a six year old who is one or two crayolas short of a set of 12. The system looks to be nothing like we've ever seen. It's games are going to be more creative, more innovative, and more worthy of a plethora descriptive buzz words. It will be accessible to everyone and it actually looks like fun. But with such a daring concept, it seems a good name would be crucial in inspiring people to give it a chance. Such a name would have to be descriptive, embodying Nintendo's objectives with the new system, and challenging consumers to not get on board without feeling like they are excluding themselves from something completely groundbreaking. That's what "Revolution" did for it, before falling victim to a devastating think-tank. So now what do "wii" do with this horrible excuse for a name? Nintendo's VP of coporate affairs more or less says to just get used to it, because Nintendo doesn't care what you think. Six years old, going on seven.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Racism 101

They have proved, apparently through vigorous scientific research that Republicans are racist. A new study shows that "supporters of President Bush and other conservatives had stronger self-admitted and implicit biases against blacks than liberals did." There you have it. In case you were doubtful, you have no reason to question this now. As Jon Krosnic, from Stanford University would tell you:

"If anyone in Washington is skeptical about these findings, they are in denial," he said. "We have 50 years of evidence that racial prejudice predicts voting. Republicans are supported by whites with prejudice against blacks. If people say, 'This takes me aback,' they are ignoring a huge volume of research."

That's right. The Republican Party which was formed to abolish slavery, and accounted for only about half of the political support for the civil rights movement has a long history of hating black people. If they could only learn to be "colorblind" like leading southern Democrats such as Robert Byrd, then we could have a more open and honest society. Unfortunately for blacks in America, the Republicans control the House and the Senate, and George Bush is going to get a bump in the polls. This probably will result in more black people dying in New Orleans. In fact, a new poll released says 101% of racist Republicans support sabatoging the levees in New Orleans again, just to kill more black people. With data gathered from recent civilian wiretapping procedures, the White House puts that number closer to 105%. They tried to get an idea of support for this course of action from racist Democrats but there weren't any to be found. Apparently Democrats aren't racist. Or maybe some of them are... Take another look at this study. It says that "supporters of President Bush and other conservatives had stronger self-admitted and implicit biases against blacks than liberals did." It says nothing about having biases against white people. I bet if you looked at the polling data a little differently, you'd find that Democrats have stronger self-admitted and implicit biases against whites. Alot of black people seem to have negative attitudes against white people, and I'd guess that most of them are Democrats. Of course that still doesn't make them racist, because you can't be racist if you are part of a race yourself. At least that's what I've been told.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Tuesday Stew

It's more like a salad, really. I'm really weary of politics right now, and I find it hard to pay attention. I guess the end of January is not very A.D.D. friendly. There is quite alot going on. Greenspan left his position again after raising the price of money one last time, for old time's sake. I think me and possibly Bernackey are the only ones who agree with this decision. Alito looks like he is ready to take his position on the Supreme Court. History was made today, and it's as boring now as it will be when it is mentioned in a political history class 20 years from now. Wiretapping is all the rage on Air America. I think about 75% of people don't care about the issue. Probably because they aren't worried about the President sitting in the Oval Office, listening to their conversation. Some are offended by the principle of the Executive Branch taking the authority upon themselves to supercede checks and balances to violate Americans' right to privacy, as it is laid out in Amendment X of the Constitution. Too bad, I don't like how the judicial branch constantly oversteps their position to enact legislational decisions that should be made by society in general. So we're even. We can protect Americans, and you can protect Infanticide. Kerry was quite the character, riding in from Davos calling for a filibuster only to fail miserably. Yep, you're even more irrelevant now than you were two years ago. Sorry, dude. And finally, we had a State of the Union address. I had a class, so I didn't get to see it, but I heard from a very reliable source that there was much rejoicing when President Bush mentioned that his Social Security solution was shot down. To which the President responded that the problem hasn't gone away, and that we need to reach a bi-partisan solution. Did you hear them cheer Mr. Bush? They were cheering for obstructionism. A party that rejoices in their ability to keep you from effectively leading the country will never be there for bipartisan support, no matter how many times you beg them to. They weren't cheering because Social Security was better, or even that a bad idea had been rejected. They were cheering because they stopped you from fixing it. This is why people don't pay attention to politics in this country. You're a bunch of 5th graders on the playground. "Red Rover, Red Rover, Call Social Security on over." Then all the Democrats hold hands and block anything with the words "Social Security" in it. I have a headache, and A.D.D., so that's it for today.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


China, Google and World Plights

So much is going on right now, but I really don't care about most of it. Canadia put in a new Conservative PM, the Palestinians put Hamas in charge, and the Alito nomination is underway. I guess the story I find most interesting is Google's new presence in China. The media is trying to drum up bad feelings towards Google by saying that it is going participate in censorship to allow themselves to have a stake in China. I don't really have a problem with this. If you don't go along with the PRC, then there will be no Google in China. Despite China's best efforts, if there is one thing you can't do to the internet, it is censor it. The internet, and tools like Google and blogs hold the key to the Chinese's future as a free people. Google will only serve to expand communication in China. The Chinese government continues to fan the fires of free speech and it is only a matter of time before it consumes them. So I'm not angry with Google taking the next step in the erosionary process. Besides, I don't think Americans in general care about the rest of the world's plights as much as they used to. We just saved a few hundred thousand lives by ousting Saddam Hussein and no one really seems to care. Oh, sure they'll throw that out there when they are looking to defend the decision, but it doesn't really move people. The excuse? There are suffering people everywhere, why should I care about the Kurds. It's really a plight overload that hit us in the Vietnam Era that caused us to reject compassion for anyone not living in the United States. A bus turns over in Michigan, kills a handicapped woman, you'll listen to the story over and over for days and probably demand an investigation. If a bus turns over in Bahrain and kills 50 people, we wonder where Bahrain is before changing the channel. I'm tired of hearing about plights, it seems like every country has one. What, China? You say you are suffering under the opressive rule of a Communist dictatorship? Rise up already, jeez. I know you've only got around 1.3 Billion people and there are quite a few people working for the PRC, but if it's really that bad, quit crying to us about it and throw yourselves into revolution. I thought you Communists were supposed to be good at uniting and stuff. Whatever, you chose not to support Chiang Kai Shek just because the Kuomintang was a little corrupt, now you have to deal with it. If you're ever wondering what might have been if you would have simply let the Nationalists stay in power, well just look at Taiwan. Oh yeah, I went there.