Friday, January 20, 2006


So Ronery

North Korea used to have it all. Everyone thought that they had nukes, and the entire world was at their feet begging for mercy. Kim Jong Il laid his little head on his pillow every night knowing that he was the center of a lot of attention. Then along comes Iran, with a leader who's name no one can even pronounce, announcing that not only are they developing nuclear weapons, but they want to destroy Israel with them. All of a sudden everyone's focus changes. Iran is the new dog in town. NK had the attitude of an English Bulldog. The little thing could probably take a chunk out of your leg, but you could recover pretty easily and the dog would be put down in no time. Iran is more comparable to the Rottweiler belonging to that Mexican gangster who lives down the street, barking, frothing and charging that all to frail chain link fence that you are standing right next to. Hopefully NK doesn't decide to act out on it's jealousy and try to become relevant again by bombing somebody. A war in East Asia would only further embolden Iran's crazy talk. If the U.S. is spread to thin to counter Iran's threats, then what is the world left with? "You can't come play at our soccer game!" That's about it. Or Israel could kick their butts, either one would work, I'm sure.

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