Thursday, January 12, 2006


A Lesson to Us All.

Well, it finally happened. They tried to warn us, but we didn't listen. Evidently, global warming has caused a fungus that lives on the skin of Costa Rican Harlequin frogs to turn toxic and drive those frogs into extinction. Apparently the average temperature has gone up 3/8 of one percent, allowing this fungus to wipe out these frogs. This is proven because the Harlequin frogs in the lowlands, where it is considerably warmer haven't gone extinct. In our infinite apathy, we ignored all of the warning signs and now frogs are dying. Oh why didn't we heed their warnings. Global warming has killed these precious creatures. Deforestation may have something to do with it as well, they don't really know. I guess clear cutting the forests does not have nearly as great an impact on the Costa Rican environment as your SUV does. Each time you fill your Chevy Tahoe up at the pump, a fungus kills a froggie. If you'd only start driving a Toyota Prius like all of the socially conscious celebrities do, then the frogs would be able dance and sing and play like nature intended, because nature doesn't destroy life, it creates it. Oh sure, Darwin may have been on to something with that whole bit on natural selection, but I'm pretty sure that stopped happening after we discovered oil. Simply by the merit of our existence, other creatures are forced into existence. As ecologist Alan Pounds puts it:

"You can't keep changing ecosystems and expect our own life support system to be viable."

That's right. Our life support system isn't viable. Without those frogs, the delicate balance will be upset, and Earth's ecosystem will collapse. We'll have to flee to Mars and live inside plastic domes. I bet then we'll all wish we had listened to Mr. Pounds. You'll see. We'll all be sorry. They were important frogs, they ate the bugs which carried diseases to the eagles who weave vines and sticks in the upper atmoshpere to form our O-zone layer which has been blessed by the Great Spirit. Now the eagles will die, and the Great Spirit is gonna be pretty mad, and then what are we going to do? If you don't want this to happen you need to act now and call you congressman. Tell him/her to vote yes for the Great Spirit initiative which bans all pollution that is caused by Republicans. That way we can have a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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