Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Oh, and Merry Christmas

Not much happened today. I finally found this story of an 83 year old woman who had five properties and was worth a grand total of $1 million after it was all liquidated. It was all liquidated because she owed about $1.8 million to her village officials who were issuing a $1000 fine every day for an apparently long time. Why the 1.8 million dollar fine? Her yard was overgrown. She's 83, she is now penniless, and as far as I can tell her yard (which is on property that can't be liquidated because it's homesteaded) is still overgrown. Way to go Tequesta, Florida. You've earned today's "God Bless America" Award. Her yard is an eyesore, and it has snakes. That's definately a good reason to devote a substantial portion of your time towards financially destroying an 83 year old woman. A special tip of the hat to you, mayor Jim Humpage, for making Tequesta the type of place where any sub-decent, elitest, self-absorbed American would dream of living.

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