Saturday, October 01, 2005


The Rusty Fist

Last Saturday marked China's 56th anniversary under Communist rule. Yes, 56 years and going strong. The article I read was pretty standard, with party leaders praising their success. What struck me was the problems that China is facing 56 years after Communism was established there. Namely, the income gap between rich and poor. I thought the general idea of Communism was to make everybody equal. Why aren't they taxing the rich and spreading it around to make sure everybody has the same income? Rather than fueling economic expansion for people of all income levels, they seem to be simply ignoring the poor, and focusing their attention on the rich as they try and increase their stake in global economics. I don't know how they can call their system Communism, or even "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" as it clearly doesn't accomplish the general goal of Socialism or Communism. China's system has transformed into what looks to me like Dictatorial Capitalism, where they have absolute control over parts of their economy that remain completely domestic. The same parts which happen to be failing miserably. The PRC is losing it's control over their country, and the only thing allowing them to cling to power is their obstruction of the flow of information. Something that they can't base their legitamcy on for very much longer.

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