Monday, October 03, 2005


Monday Stew

It's Monday again, and all sorts of stuff is going on. This must mean it's time again for the Monday Stew, ideally suited for the blogger with A.D.D. Leading the press is Bush's new Supreme Court nominee. I figured he'd select a controversial and dangerously Liberal candidate. After all, you can't replace O'Conner with someone predictable now can you? Apparently this one has never been a judge, and according to some, she's never been a Conservative. Austria has stopped being a jerk and is letting the EU talk turkey with Ankara. Schroeder apparently has seen the writing on the wall, and after dragging the country through several weeks of uncertainty has decided that he has exhausted his options and now all of a sudden does not want to stand in the way of a stable government. What a guy. Los Angeles firefighters are containing the first of the county's annual series of forest fires, utility workers are camping out in Texas to help clean that mess up, while some Kansas residents are preparing to clean up after the floodwaters recede. It looks like we have a long winter ahead of us. Paramount films has decided it doesn't have a spine and is going to release it's films in both HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats. What does this mean to you and me? Don't go out and convert your entire video collection into either format until the industry figures out which one is better. Despite the high gas-prices, industry had a big boost last month, thanks to Katrina and Rita. Brad and Jennifer's divorce is final, and they sold the home they owned together. I just can't bring myself to care. The Nobel Peace prize went out to the two Australians who discovered helicobacter pylori. Yeah, I thought they deserved it too. Boeing recently ran a magazine ad that depicted soldier's rapelling onto the roof of a mosque complete with a caption: "It descends from the heavens, Ironically it unleashes hell." Apparently it doesn't seem to kiss up to America's most sensitive minority as much as everyone would have liked, so Boeing has apologized. That's too bad, for a while I was considering going out and getting me one of those Osprey aircrafts. Oh well.

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