Friday, September 30, 2005


Visit the Sunshine State- and You'll Die.

This banner is being distributed by an outfit called "The Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence" in attempt to scare people out of visiting Florida. I guess the strategy is that by threatening Florida's "£30 billion tourism industry" with ads placed in American and British magazines, Jeb Bush will be forced to change his mind and undo the recent modifications to Florida law which allow those who feel threatened to use a firearm to defend themselves.

I'm not sure what they are trying to say here. It seems that they want you to believe that visiting Florida will endanger your life. Either because Floridians are trigger happy barbarians who enjoy shooting people for sport, or they are just stupid people with guns. "Tourist? Oh! Sorry old chap, I thought you said you were a terrorist! Boy, I haven't been this confused since I accidently voted for Pat Buchannon."

I personally like this ad alot. I especially like how they kind of turned Florida into a pistol. It makes me want to move there. I would love to live in a state that has a whole ad campaign set up to scare people, who would otherwise visit my state and provoke me to the point where I would want to shoot them, into finding somewhere else to spend their vacation. Instead my state proudly proclaims that if I somehow managed to get my hands on any sort of firearm, it stays at home at all times and is locked up in a cabinet, not readily available for self-defense purposes if the need arises. Unless of course I am a state politician, in which case my bodyguard is holding it for me in the next room.

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