Saturday, September 24, 2005


Iranian Nuclear Threat A.D.D.

Iran might be developing nuclear weapons which they might sell to terrorists who might be able to sneak an American into a city and obliterate it with. If this is true, then we might as well go in and remove the government. Of course, certain Americans would rather wait until our city is destroyed so that we don't look like bullies when it comes to combating terrorism. That's fine too. I live in a small town, so I probably will be around to see the immediate retaliation. Unfortunately I will have to hear flocks of people complaining about such retaliation, refusing to acknowledge any possible link between Iran and nuclear terrorism, but they are easy enough to ignore.

That said, here is how it will really go down. A much cheaper alternative to an full scale invasion is a civil, or revolutionary war (depending on who wins). Iran is already dealing with bloody unrests, mostly from repressed Kurdish and Sunni minorities. If there is an uprising, all the United States has to do is provide some weapons and experts and watch as Iran crumbles from within. This of course won't happen until Iraq really begins to prosper, so it will be a while yet, but at least we are on the right track. Iraq's new government is beginning to be established, and it looks like it will allow much more opportunity for individual success and freedoms than Saddam's system did. The concept and desire of freedom will soon spread across Iraq's borders causing all sorts of problems for it's neighbors and invoking fundamental change, which is why we went into Iraq in the first place and is also why the terrorists (with the help of certain media outlets) are working so hard to push us out.

So what about Iranian nukes? Could the government possibly develop WMD's before they are forced out by their people. Never fear, the U.N. is on it. In a dramatic string of events, India has just half-heartedly signed "with the European Union and the US on a resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requiring Iran to be reported to the UN Security Council at an unspecified date to be in doubt about the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme." So, thanks in part to India, the U.N. security council is about to be made aware of the fact that Iran may be secretly developing nuclear weapons. If the Council finds these accusations to be true, Iran will be inundated with a series of very serious U.N. Resolutions until the problem is resolved by a third party. So in other words, those of you living in large metropolitan areas might want to find a nice quiet place out in the country to settle down and raise a family in.

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