Friday, September 30, 2005


Bulldogs in Jerusalem

Iran will not be deterred "by anything short of a threat of force"

"They won't be stopped unless they are convinced their programs will be destroyed if they continue"

"Threats of sanctions and isolation alone will not do it"

"We see an Iranian bomb as a devastating, existential threat to Israel, to the entire Middle East, to all Western interests in the region"

"Despite all the different circumstances, we see similarities to what happened in the 1930s, when people underestimated the real problem or focused on other dangers. For us, either the world will tackle Iran in advance or all of us will face the consequences."

Israelies also say that if the world refuses to get serious about Iran, they'll go in and take care of the problem itself. Of course afterward, they'll be diplomatically scolded for doing what they believe is necessary to protect themselves by hypocritical allies who would have done the same thing if they were in the same situation. I am still glad to see their resolve, and I personally think that they have every right to pre-emptive action. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. If Israel directs any bombings against Iran, I personally will feel more secure the next day. Call me a war-monger, but I kind of like the idea of being as certain as possible that we aren't allowing terrorists to develop nuclear weapons.

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