Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Pork Barrel

A new report came out claiming that fat people cost my home state of California an estimated $21.7 billion dollars in medical care, worker's compensation, and lost productivity. Of course this story exists to call for more programs to "raise awareness" and try and get people to be skinnier. Someone once said that eventually socialists run out of other people's money. I think this is happening in California. We have made all sorts of promises to people, including healthcare and workers compensation, that the state and private employers can not afford to keep. I want to let CA legislators in on a little secret. You do not have to pay for fat people's healthcare. If we can afford to be fat, we can afford our own healthcare. Instead of spending more money on more programs, and more restrictions, and more lawsuits against food companies, we should simply declare that obesity-related health issues are not the responsibility of anyone else but the fat person themself. As long as someone else is paying for it, people will continue to be fat. Somehow, California legislators don't understand the concept of not being involved in everyone's life to the point of dictating their diet, and continue to try and save money with more and more programs. The Governator is already pushing for more of these programs in his own campaign against fat people. You know what, Arnold, don't talk to me about MY weight until you lose a few pounds yourself.

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