Monday, April 04, 2005


Monday Stew

What a momentous Monday. It's the first Monday after the Pope died. Christians are flocking to Rome to pay their respects. I'm not one of them, I can see better from right here in front of my T.V. It was a double wammy for me this weekend to lose both the Pope, and Mitch Hedburg, but I am moving on. According to the brilliant minds in the media, it looks like the Pope's successor will be a gay Jewish black woman who speaks Spanish. No word on who will replace Hedburg, as if anyone could. Minutemen are making the news these days. Some say they are renegade rednecks who won't hesitate to shoot at will, others say they are simply helping our border patrol agent secure our borders by reporting violations. The problem of illegal immigrants is so massive that I don't even care anymore. Let's teach them English and how to discipline their kids, and call it even. Just be glad that there are people out there with better attention spans than mine. Saudi Arabia has killed seven more militants after a siege that had gone on all weekend as Saudi Arabia's king tries to stay off the Axis of Evil list. Bush is talking about bringing Ukraine into NATO. That sounds like a good idea to me. I remember reading that doing so would hurt Russian weapons exports, and I'm for anything that will disarm Iran. Crude oil is a little cheaper, and OPEC exports have increased a little. I have a feeling that it won't last. G-Mail's memory limit is going up to two gigabytes per account. I still remember when that was alot of memory. I saw Maria Sharapova suffer a crushing defeat at the racket of Kim Clijster over the weekend. If you follow tennis, or Maria Sharapova, you might be interested in that story. There have been quite a few bombings in Nepal lately. It's gotten so bad, that anyone who wants to drive on the highway has to wait around for an armed military escort. The violence has resulted in an anti-maoist backlash among villagers armed with bamboo sticks, and a 400 year-old relic was stolen, but I don't think that's related to this story at all. Speaking of things that aren't related to the rebellion in Nepal, a Burmese woman is breastfeeding two baby tigers at a zoo in Rangoon. You probably saw this on Drudge, but I figured I'd immortalize it in the Monday Stew anyway.

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