Tuesday, April 05, 2005


El Presidente's Childhood Home

Plans are in the pipe to develop George W. Bush's childhood home into a bustling tourist attraction. They are raising money to clean the place up, remove the asbestos, and restore it to it's original splendor. They're even hoping "to find a 1950s car like the one owned by George and Barbara Bush." George Bush is still alive, so perhaps they could ask him what kind of car he drove in the 50's, which would narrow down their search a bit. They've done their homework. The "history and research" section features two videos of old family friends of the Bush's. I haven't seen them yet, but I'm quite sure they are fascinating. I think this could really catch on. Maybe I will build a George W. Bush's childhood home of my own in Shafter, CA. I could open up a whole chain of them with locations all over the world. George W. Bush's Childhood Home Bar & Grill. It's kinda catchy, it just needs an annoying theme song. I bet it would launch a presidential childhood home phenomenon. Ronald Regan's Childhood Home Family Restauraunt, William J. Clinton's Childhood Home Gentleman's Club, the possibilities are endless. Nothing can memorialize a President quite like a tourist trap can.

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