Wednesday, March 23, 2005


This Is Intelligent Life?, a town-square type e-bulletin board, has beamed the first "commercial transmission of a website" into space. In other words, if any aliens are planning on staking out on Earth at any point, they can find the most competetive housing rates in cities all across the globe, as well as local singles, jobs, and community events. Now we all know that this isn't being done for the aliens. Extra-Terrestrials are mere benefectors in a marketing ploy for craigslist. However, the idea of talking to aliens has collected interest. According to this article, a growing number of people are sending text and even voice messages into outer space, hoping that any passing English-speaking aliens will hear what they have to say. Sure, this may end up being no more than another corny gift involving shouting your love out into the heavens or whatever, but the idea is still fascinating. Only so because people will actually blow good money on having their little messages beamed into outer space. I wonder if you are allowed to say anything you want. I wonder if they would come down on me if I sent out dozens of declarations of war on behalf of Earth, or politically incorrect cross-terrestrial slurs to invoke hostility between otherwise peaceful civilizations. Maybe if I tell them Howard Dean said they were a bunch of green-headed bug-eyed morons, they'll come abduct him, or could I be sued for slander? Knowing this country's legal system, I wouldn't take the risk.

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