Thursday, March 24, 2005


Mrs. Michael Moore

The St. Louis metro system's hydraulic lifts have been tested to safely handle up to 600 lbs. At last a 630 lb. woman has come out against the St. Louis metro system for what else, discrimination. Pat Kern weighs 634 lbs, she is by all definitions, fat. She is upset because she can no longer ride the bus. She says: "I think this is discrimination, and I think it's because I'm fat." No, No, No. It couldn't possibly be discrimination, and certainly it's not because you are fat. It's simply a judgment call based on your weight. St. Louis doesn't need to be sued after you get injured because their hydraulic lifts couldn't hoist that giant blob you call your butt up onto the bus. I understand you've had health problems, and exercise is hard for you, especially since you have only one leg. But a simple revision of your dietary plan should allow you to lose the necessary amount of weight needed to ride the bus again. In other words, lay off the twinkies, fudge bricks, and small children for awhile, and you may be able to drop the 40 lbs.. Instead you role around in your wheelchair, stroking your cat, and crying to a newspaper about how that cat is getting more attention because St. Louis won't let you leave your house. It's not the city's job to haul around one-legged heavyweights like you. Besides, where does a 630 lb. woman need to go anyway? Your condition is nature's last resort in keeping you away from McDonald's. Sheesh. The 600 lbd. guideline was set by the American Disabilities Act. According to the article: "(Kern) said rules like this can be dangerous and lead to social, emotional and more physical problems." No, I'm sorry, you've confused the safety guidelines with your huge giant body. Letting 700 lbd. people on the bus isn't going to help your social, emotional, or physical problems. Losing a few mattresses from your thighs is the only thing that will do you any good.

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