Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Monday Stew

Terri is still alive. Who would have thought that she'd last longer than Johnnie Cochran? Jesse Jackson came out in defense of her life. Others have started a pool to see who can guess closest to the exact time and date of her death. The winner gets a free T-Shirt. This must be why the judges seem so eager to kill her, they just want a free T-shirt. The Pope may end up needing a feeding tube pretty soon. He should stay out of the United States, or he might fall victim to his "right to die." This is the closest thing I could find to a death pool on him. You're allowed to guess, but there is no free T-shirt involved, so I don't know why you'd bother. Kofi Annan was asked if he would resign in the wake of the oilforfood scandal. He said "Hell No" and tapdanced offstage. The U.S. is still warily supporting him, but I say it's time to get out of the sham organization. We don't have to pour money into a system set up so that a bunch of backwards, corrupt nations can profit of our tax dollars. Yet we do anyway. Insignificant Foreign Nations Update: Kyrgystan's "president" is thinking about stepping down after being ousted last week. India is considering sanctions against Nepal as a means of forcing the Monarchy to be more Democratic. In Mali, violence and rioting has erupted, and there is chaos in the street after Prime Minister Maiga threatened a popular organization, saying that they will pay dearly for losing their shot at the World Cup. No word yet if the soccer team's feeding tubes will be removed, but several protestors have already been arrested for offering the coach a drink of water. Affirmative Action may be to blame for the deadly escape of Brian Nichols earlier this month. I don't know, having that little girl escort that huge criminal seemed safe to me, I think what is really to blame is the religious right-wingers. In Utah, there is a city named Pleasant Grove. Of course, when you decide to live in a city named Pleasant Grove, you have to expect mortar fire to hit your backyard every once in awhile. Apparently someone managed to fire a 105mm howitzer shell all the way over Mt. Timpanogos, only to land in the backyard of Scott and Lori Conner of Pleasant Grove, who's three-year old son narrowly escaped death. It couldn't happen to a more boring family. I bet this guy is a window manager in some insurance office, while she teaches Kindergarden. Scott and Lori Conner of Pleasant Grove... give me a break.

:D When I first started reading this, I thought it was a religious blog, then I read on and it was revealed to be a truly cynical look at the news, thank you for seeing sense! :D :P
Well, you're welcome. Thanks for dropping by, and for understanding sense as I see it, if that makes sense.
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