Monday, March 21, 2005


Monday Stew

It's the third Monday of March 2005, and it's business as usual out there. The whole world's eyes are focused squarely on Florida. Bush flew in from down South specifically to sign a document that Congress sent him to allow the Schindler family to file yet another appeal to have the feeding tube reinserted into Terri's throat. Passion builds on both sides of the argument, as politicians scramble to send legislation flying through to give Terri one last chance. It finally ended up in the hands of another Judge and everyone waited to see what he would decide. His ruling? Nothing. No Ruling. Oh, I suppose he'll get to it when he has time, who knows, maybe he could have a decision before Terri's eyes are completely sunken into her face. While the media's attention is captivated on the Schaivo family, I will bring you up to speed on what else is happening. The Sony PSP will be released on Thursday. The handheld response to the Nintendo DS, is supposed to have an array of functions, but the gaming capabilities are really the only reason to drop the $250. It's pricey, about 100 bucks more than Nintendo's, and I probably won't end up getting either one. Nepal just signed an arms pact with China, apparently the King is running short on weapons with which to quell the Communist revolutionaries. Russia has 27 billionaires according to Forbes' rankings. I'm guessing alot of them are tied in with old Soviet politicos. The most famous is Mikhail Khordorkovsky who is still sitting in jail if I'm not mistaken. Russia is quite the paradox these days. Cheney was in Bakersfield over the weekend, with Rep. Bill Thomas, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Comittee, (aka the most powerful man in the world). Cheney need's Thomas's support for Social Security reofrm, but I've read that Bill isn't that confident in the reforms. A school is being sued for teaching children about Christ, and telling them to live good Christian lives. How could they? Were the not thinking of the potential litigation that they could bring upon themselves by exposing children to Christianity and Jesus? Shouldn't they be teaching about different ways to have sex instead? Avid hunters are now able to shoot animals from the comfort of their own home, and farmers have been told to care for their animals' emotions. Judge Rehnquist is back on the stand, and Coca-cola is relasing a new zero-calorie version of Coke. A Communist newspaper has revealed a memo that they claim features Bush's permission for Abu Grahib torture. The memo authorizes sleep deprivation, and black hoods, but it doesn't specifically say prisoner abuse. I guess that is good enough for the Communists. That about does it for the stew, for dessert, how about a little bit of this first grader's crack cocaine.

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