Monday, March 14, 2005


Monday Stew

My Spring Break is over already, and the world is still revolving at the same pace as it was before I left. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's tilted just a little more to the left at the hands of little Judgie Kramer of California. King Kramer has decided that the Constitution of California somehow guarantees marriage to be available to anyone, and has decided that "It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners." I don't believe this. It took the Liberal elites five whole years to find a way to make the voice of the Californian people irrelevant in their state's politics. They must be losing influence over here, or something. In other news, Brian Nichols ran away from court, killed four people, allegedly found God, and turned himself in. Special thanks to our hero, Ashley Smith, for bringing him around. China put a law on the books prohibiting Taiwan from trying to secede. Bush has already shown his support for the Communist giant, which means if Taiwan does anything stupid, World War III will remain limited to the Mideast. And if it is at all relevant, Russia understands China's position. China, in response, began testing HIV vaccines on human beings. There are Syrians marching in Beirut. They are all worked up over something. Sunnis, Christians, Druze, and Shi'ites all got in on the action. Saudi Arabia is pushing for increased oil production. If OPEC listens, and we can refine it all in a reasonable amount of time, then oil prices mught drop a few cents. You never know. I guess Bush blew off Sinn Fein's leader Gerry Adams. This year they aren't going to meet on St. Patrick's day, get liquored up, and make a year's worth of policy decisions concerning the role of the United States in the Northern Ireland peace process in about one hour. Oh well. Finally, the Worcester Tornadoes are under fire for naming their team after a deadly twister. Apparently honoring a black funnel cloud doesn't bring about enough "happy memories." Yes, but the Worchester "Rays of Sunshine" would probably not get them as much respect among the other baseball teams.

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