Tuesday, March 15, 2005


King Richard's Court

About five years ago, 61% of voters decided in favor of Propostion 22, which states pretty clearly: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." Other people's opinions aside, this judge could not find any "rational purpose" for not upholding the will of the people and decided for all of us here in CA that we will do things his way. All hail King Richard Kramer of California, the sole authority above all else for rationality.

The whole argument is being skewed into something it's not. No one is saying homosexuals are "second-class citizens." No one is denying them any basic rights. They are free to marry members of the opposite sex, just like the rest of us. Nowhere in the Constitution are you guaranteed a marriage license. It's like a driver's license, or a merchant's license. It is a priviledge of the state, but you have to follow the rules, silly. The idea that they are so heavily discriminated against because they can't be recognized as 'married' by the state is ridiculous. They just want to be victims, and naturally the Democrats are willing to see them as the most persecuted people in history. I think Howard Dean actually said that, but I couldn't find the quote. Anyways, there is a long legal battle ahead in California to see if marriage will remain sacred, or if it will be open to gays, and subsequently to anyone else that steps forward and wants a marriage certificate with whomever or whatever they've chosen to have as a spouse.

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