Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Dean is "The Good"

I simply love Howard Dean. He speaks his mind, he's not afraid of anyone or anything. He doesn't let political stiffs push him around. He says what he wants to, no matter the consequences. He is straightforward and honest about his opinion, and he doesn't get intimidated by the burdens of political correctness. He just goes out there tells us what is on his mind. The thing I like most about Dean, though, is the work he's doing for America's conservatives. It's like if we put Michael Savage in charge of the Republican party. Normal, rational people would run for their lives.

Dean recently likened today's current political situation as a battle between good and evil. Of course, he stated that his side was "the good," right after passionately opposing pastors who don't want mothers to have their babies executed. Nonetheless, he is right about a not-so-recent rift between the forces of good and evil, and that each has taken sides in today's political world. This is not to say that Democrats are evil, but once in awhile their leaders do seem to be the first to sympathize to the dark side. When Liberals ferociously attack the Ten Commandments, "under God", "In God we trust," and anything of or related to the family we can get an idea of their view of the world. Then when they stop just short of sympathizing with Saddam Hussein, buddy up with Fidel Castro, and look to Hollywood for their great leaders, it's easy to see why Dean will have trouble defending his claim to the Holy real estate. The young, indocrinated crowd of people cheering for him are same people who turn out to see the great Ward Churchill liken the victims of 9/11 to "Little Eichmans."

I think the thing that surprised me the most about Ward Churchill's remarks, was that it didn't surprise me at all. In fact, I saw it coming, just by following the logic of the stupid remarks you hear from these kinds of people every day. I knew eventually someone would make this type of statement, and I also knew exactly who would be there to defend that person. The fact that they support this kind of thinking, even if they don't agree with the comments, calls into question their concept what is civil and decent in our society. When they find this kind of thing acceptable in a state-funded University, but the enlightened party of tolerence can't bring themselves to tolerate a bumper sticker that says "Support the Troops" on a University vehicle, you can't help but wonder how they can possibly see themselves as "The Good." However they do it, I want to encourage Howard Dean to keep it up. You're one of our greatest political allies, and we can't thank you enough.

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