Thursday, March 17, 2005


Batters Up

I really don't have any thoughts on the frenzy around the Senate hearings of baseball players, except to wonder what else the Senate could be doing right now besides listening to Sammy Sosa say he's clean, and Mark McGwire say he won't snitch. It's baseball, who cares? Isn't this the responsibility of the FBI, or drug investigators in the CIA, anyway? Maybe it is just me. After all, baseball is not an A.D.D. friendly game. It has to be non-stop action, or I turn the channel. It is beyond me that the Senate has to get involved with this. I think the people should have more say on the Senate's agenda. There should be a website where American citizens can vote on what issues the Senate addresses on that particular day. That way we could have a little more control in saying, "Hey guys, budget deficit." Instead we watch them interrogate a bunch of oafs who may or may not be on steroids. I hear there may be some drug use among rap "artists" as well. Perhaps we should have Eminem and Snoop Dogg visit the Senate and make them talk. After all, the music industry is a huge influence in the lives of way more children than baseball is. In fact, there are rumors that drugs may be used by people in Hollywood as well. I think a Senate hearing is in order, because most kids spend way more time watching movies than they do watching baseball. I'd like to see the look on the collective face of Hollywood when the U.S. Senate tells them they have to fly back to Washington to rat out co-workers, or defend their own hide. I'd be for that initiative, just to see the reaction.

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