Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Kids Do The Darndest Things

Ahh Young love. I'm sure we all remember the 1st, grade. Playing four square at recess, doing arts and crafts in school, trying to have sex under the stairwell. Okay, I never really experienced that last part either, but here's two childrens that will be able to say they have.

"IPS police and Marion County child protection workers are investigating an incident involving two first-graders who officials said were caught trying to have sex Wednesday at an Eastside school."

Now I guess the important question here is, was the young lad wearing protection. And if not, why wasn't there a bowl full of condoms handy, so he wouldn't leave the house unprepared. Sure you can make the argument that neither child is old enough to physically become a biological parent, but everyone knows it's best to start good habits at a young age. I mean if we are gonna go through with this oversexualizing the youth thing, we might as well be covering all of the bases. That way if a little boy happens to pass them all we won't have quite as big of a mess on our hands. If you ask me, 1st grade is a little young, but what do I know. After all, I am a conservative.

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