Wednesday, January 19, 2005



Our economy is booming, I don't care what anyone else says. Jobless claims fell more than anyone expected, the biggest drop in three years. Unemployment is going back down, and good paying-white collar jobs are being created, about 157,000 came last month. Our economy is getting stronger according to the Fed beige book. I think that means interest rates are rising, but I don't know, that story doesn't sit well with my economics A.D.D.. There is good news coming to us from C.N.N.. Factory jobs are paying better, evidently. Oil is back down below $47 a barrel. So we can afford to drive our SUV's again. Hawaii is spending $2 Million to try and deal with little frogs that are driving them up the wall. And the Harvard "chief" is backtracking after apparently making a remark alluding to differences in the genes of men and women that might possibly make it harder for women to master math and science. Of course we can't take that as a complement to women mathemeticians and scientists, after all, it was merely a blatant attempt to demoralize female students and reinforce a glass ceiling. That's what his job as a white male is. It would only be a compliment coming from a woman. I don't know what happened to my economy post, it kinda got steamrollered by my A.D.D. after I saw the frogs. After all, frogs are way more interesting than economic policy.

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