Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Iraq's Secret Weapon

This was posted on Drudge today. I was giddy when I read it because it explained my thoughts very eloquently. If you ever wondered what weapon Iraqi terror thugs could possibly have up their sleeves with which to defeat the United States, this article will explain it to you. This weapon is targeted squarely at U.S. civilians all across the country, and we are all hit with it whenever we flip on the morning or evening news. The media is terrorism's only hope for victory of any sort in Iraq. Without the media their car bombs, suicide bombers, and gutless tactics would have little impact on the overall course of the war. As it is, insurgents continue to blow up innocent civs and enjoying the glory, knowing that Americans will get a full report of each of their victories, without hearing a word on their own country has accomplished. We may be wiping the table with them on the ground, but if Iraq manages to win the psychological side of the war, this thing could stll go south. Whether it is due to laziness, stupidity, or outright treason, the media is their greatest ally. I still don't think it is enough to grind down the American resolve, and hope that the credibility of American media is what gives way first.

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