Thursday, January 20, 2005


Freak Show!

Masses of people turned out this morning to see Bush take the presidential oath again. Okay who are we kidding, they could have gotten a better view of that on TV, they were there for the freak show! [cue circus music] That's right! Step right up! Freaks from all over this great nation working to make the point that they are against President Bush, and that they can be annoying! See the clowns as they try to show you their displeasure with the president and anything he says, does or touches! Freaks of all ages and sizes here for your enjoyment as they disturb the peace, all in the name of peace! See them gather and spew their comic rhetoric. This stuff is too hot for TV folks, you simply have to be there! Catch the amazing pyrotechnics as they simultaneously insult the very country that puts them onstage for the world to see! If you missed this freak show, do not fear! For whenever our president speaks anywhere, they will be there to preform their civil liberties, and you can be there to point and stare, they don't care!

*Warning- Freaks are for entertainment purposes only. They are not to be taken seriously in any fashion.

he. he. he. My husband and I were going to go to dinner after work, but decided to get dinner from the grocery store instead. Not only did this involve us spending twice as much as going to a restraunt (funny how that works out) but it involved using a lot of plastic containers and grocery bags. It was awesome. We also did the Innauguration Capping Off The Gas Tank thing.
Good for you. I forgot to buy gas, but I did eat more fatty foods than usual, and dreamt about clubbing a baby seal. Hopefully that was enough.
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