Tuesday, January 25, 2005


123 More Years of Manhood

Wisconsin prisons are allegedly practicing cruel and unusual punishment, by not giving prisoners opportunities to have sex changes while incarcerated, following their hormone treatments which make them more womanly. I think it's cruel and unusual to give them the hormone treatment which makes them grow breasts, lose hair, and generally look more womanly. It isn't cruel to the prisoners as much as it is to the taxpayers of Wisconsin who have to see their hard-earned dollars go to this therapy. That's right, taxpayers are footing the bill. This is going on in CA as well. From what I hear from people who work at a central valley prison near my home, they are flying a prisoner to LA periodically to undergo sex change operations, payed for by California taxpayers. Canada has decided that it's prisons should offer the "essential" operation as well, to any transies who ask for it. I think, if your a prisoner of the state, I'm sorry, but you should remain a "prisoner of your body as well." I don't care how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Call me heartless, but you can get your genitals swapped when you get free. If you are Scott "Donna Dawn" Konitzer, and your won't be freed for another 123 years, well you should have thought ahead and not committed multiple armed robberies. Stabbing fellow inmates doesnt help either. As it is, your half and half stage isn't going to help you make your case with the parole board, so you might as well accept your crotch for what it is, and stop suing the state because you were born a man.

Um... yeaug. Why would they pay for the hormones but not the actual slicing and dicing?? That seams pretty damned cruel to me. Either waste our money and go all the way or DONT PAY FOR THE FREAKING HORMONES. Why the heck are you leaving the guy as a deformed mutant? Isn't that cruel and unusual?? i mean, moreso than the fact that he wanted to be an undeformed mutant. Like, da hell?
I agree. We shouldn't be paying for any of it.
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