Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Monday Stew... On Tuesday

It's finals week, and the Stew is a day late. Nonetheless plenty of uninteresting things have been going on over the weekend. There's a gay showdown going on between Elton John, and George Michael. They think they can prove that water existed on Mars. I don't really know why we care, but they say it's important. Peterson just got the death penalty here in California, so we can expect him to be put down sometime in the next 400 years. A Pompopm competition turned into an all out brawl with cheerleaders and mothers throwing cans, punches, and trophies. That sounds fun, I'll have to go to a pompom competion sometime. First I have to figure out exactly what a pompom competition is. Oh, and here is my favorite story. This homeless guy was living in a drawbridge. He had it furnished and everything, with a 19 inch TV and a Playstation. He and his neighbors had a whole village going, inside the working drawbridge. That's American ingenuity for you. He should win an award.

Does that mean there'll be a gay gun duel at high noon? (that might be cooler than cheerleaders and cheerleading moms duking it out, but maybe we should give THEM guns too. Guns solve problems.)
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