Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Freegan Hippies..

Well, after a battle of epic proportions with my cable modem, I am back on-line and ready to blog. I guess I'll come back with a bang. This story, blew my mind last week. I've had all week to think about what I have gotten out of it, and I still have no idea. It's about a radical class of annoyingly anti-capitalist, vegan, Liberals who call themselves "freegans." Freegans are basically dumpster divers, who only eat what they can find in dumpsters. Not because they are homeless, it's true that even the homeless sometimes won't accept their handouts, but because they don't want to support a system that slaughters animals for food. These guys are hippies to the eleventh power, and this is the first story in a long time that I could hold back my news article A.D.D. long enough to get through reading. It's crammed with crazy hippies claimed they were beaten and tortured by police, and shot while dumpster-diving, and is only truly interesting to read it from their point of view. Now say what you will, but they are charitable, I will give them that. Sure they don't actually pay for any of the food they feed to the homeless in their city, but they do go to a lot of effort to feed them. I still think they are absolutely nuts. I checked out their website, and it is even more torturous to read through. I can't stand it, there must be something in the water up in San Fransisco, that's the only explanation I can offer.

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