Thursday, November 11, 2004


We're Behind You.

We thank you, veterans, for your unbelievable service and sacrifice. Our appreciation is sincere, and though we may never understand the consequences of your service to America, we are humbled every time we hear them spoken of. We're humbled that you would risk your life, in more ways than one, to ensure a bright future for ourselves and those who will follow. You stepped up to the plate when our country and our freedom was in jeaprody, and you risked and sustained injuries and memories that will be with you for the rest of your lives. War is never good, and should always be avoided at almost any cost. But when it can't be avoided, and when the time for negotiations, appeasement, and sanctions has passed, you are there to undertake the tremendous responsibility of defending our liberty, and opportunity to live in a safe and free society. From Facism, to Communism, and now Terrorism, you fight hard in other parts of the world so that our own shores don't see the bloodshed. You give so much so that the rest of us slugs can sit back and be fat and happy, all we can say is thanks, from the farthest reaches of our hearts. God Bless our Veterans.

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