Monday, November 08, 2004


Political Science

Well, another wave of Global Warming doomsday news articles is upon us. Browsing through newspapers, one would think that the world wasn't going to be around much longer. The debate over global warming is a frustrating one. I am always wary of "political science," as I call it, where scientists go on TV and blab for 5 minutes, throwing out all sorts of jargon and expecting us stupid people to believe that the capitalists with their disregard for the environment are causing global temperatures to rise. Which would somehow trigger an ice age because the oceans wouldn't be as salty anymore. However, these scientist simply ignore any evidence that would cast doubt on their conclusions. For example, the "record change" in temperatures on the earth's surface isn't reflected in the lower atmosphere. Perhaps this is because the earth's surface is reflecting more sunlight due to an increase in output from the sun. Or maybe the data was flawed in the first place. But what do I know, I am not a politically motivated scientist. All I know is that the dramatic "Day After Tomorrow" scenario isn't backed by even the most sympathetic scientists, and that "even without the human hand in global warming, a new ice age would be unlikely for perhaps another 15,000 years." Which is right on schedule, apparently. The whole thing is very reminiscent of the debate over evolution, in which other politically motivated scientists simply refuse to address overwhelming inconsistencies, such the absence of a link between developed complex body systems and single-celled ameobas. You'll have to do your own homework on that debate. I'm hungry, dinner is on, and I have to get out of my pajamas...

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