Monday, November 15, 2004



Ebay is set to ban "racially derrogative" search terms from being used in auction listings. So I guess if you were planning on selling a used copy of Nigger, by Dick Gregory, then you may need to find somewhere else to do so. Is anyone surprised by this? This is another example of corporations limiting free speech in order to look better in the eyes of the public, especially minorities who seem to seek out opportunities to get their feelings hurt. What is this world coming to? Welcome to America. It's called Capitalism, and it's a beautiful thing. If EBay wants to prevent you from putting racial slurs among your search terms, then they can do that, because it is their website. It's not hard to do, it gets them in newspapers and various internet blogs, and it's a great public relations move, boosting their respect among people who don't like racists. Still, even grocery shopping gets incredibly excrutiating when your being forced to listen to a recording of a woman talking down to grocery shoppers about how much the giant grocery chains value minorities, citing various feelgood measures taken by the company on behalf of the warm and friendly tycoons, wherever they may be vacationing. I can only imagine actually being a minority and seething, wishing I could slap the stupid condencending white woman across the face, just to get her to finally shut up. I guess I can understand Ebay's decision. Nice move, you've won more hits for your website. But if that monologue I heard in the grocery store fools very many people, I may start losing faith in Martin Luther King's vision of equality. We've moved from racism to a more covert racial chauvanism, and many people still don't understand what it means to be created equal.

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