Monday, November 15, 2004



It looks like Bush's cabinet is going through the anticipated changes we were all predicting. Powell just through in the towel, and Rumsfeld left last week, as well as a few no-names that wanted to get in on the action and finally get their names in the newspapers. I kid. Condi looks like she's gonna get bumped up, and I'm not sure who else is going to fill in the other positions. I'll keep you updated if I suddenly grow out of my cabinet positions A.D.D. If not, someone else will tell you, and then you can tell me. I did read that Alberto Gonzoles is going to be Secretary of Defense. So we could easily have a black Secretary of State, and a Mexican Secretary of Defense. Find a Chinese Eskimo to fill Condi's shoes and we'd be all set. Unfortunately all of them are white inside, unlike Clinton's multi-racial, white-skinned lineup. It's not skin color that matters, it's political affiliation. If your a Republican, and your skin isn't white, your a sell-out, and a traitor. But if your a Democrat, you can be John Kerry, and still be accepted as a brother.

Condie in 2008 ;)

I don't know, I've been hearing she's burnt out too.
I'm sure she is, but if she's got her sights on Bush's job, then she has to stick around. If she didn't think she could handle it, then I'd hope she wouldn't take it.
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