Tuesday, November 23, 2004


News Anchor A.D.D.

So Dan finally called it quits eh? That's too bad, I'm gonna miss his newscast. Not that I have ever watched his nightly news program, or I even catch 60 minutes very often, but nonetheless his absence will leave a hole in our hearts, and in our slams on the accuracy of CBS News. Brokaw is taking off next week, leaving Peter Jennings all alone. 10 years ago this kind of situation would have made Jennings giddy at the thought of him being the only one of the big three on the air. But to me, he is still the most irrelevant, and I'm not going to fill that Rather/Brokaw shaped void in my life with his newscast. I guess it's the end of an era in a way. We've got sources allowing other opinions to be broadcasted, and now we can get a lot more news with our bias than ever before. I don't really see the point of putting old men in these nightly news positions. The first network to make Heidi Klum the lead anchor will easily get the ratings they so desire. Have they learned nothing from Fox news? America doesn't look to it's news anchors for authority and respectability anymore. America wants to see young, fetching, cookie-cutting barbie dolls who can read to us what their producers put together. What is society becoming these days if we can't even figure that out.

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