Sunday, November 07, 2004


Nation Largely Unprepared for Bio Attack...

The United States remains woefully unprepared to protect the public against terrorists wielding biological agents despite dramatic increases in biodefense spending by the Bush administration and considerable progress on many fronts, according to government officials and specialists in bioterrorism and public health.

Geez tell the whole world why don't ya. Seriously Washington Post, I don't want to know this. I don't want the terrorists to know this. Why not this headline: "Nation's 'bulletproof' bio-terror security lauded." Or this one: "Don't Even Think About Releasing Biological Chemicals at U.S. Airports, Because We Will Find Out." Or "Our Security Is Unprecedented, Unlike Canada's Who Just Released a Statement Saying They 'Hate All Arabs'." Americans may not fall for it, but maybe it would buy us some time to get more ready, instead of signaling an attack on America from your press room. Why does the Washington Post care, anyway? They're in a blue state, and Bin Laden promised not to attack blue states. More security would just be a waste of money in Washington, because Osama is targeting Beulah, WY now. Just like he promised. And there is no way he could possibly be full of crap.

just browsing and ran across your blog. good work with your funny yet substantive posts. keep it up.
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