Monday, November 22, 2004


Monday Stew

I guess alot has happened over the weekend, but I've come down with a bit of a cold, and am finding it hard to pay attention to anything. A whole bunch of NBA players were suspended for attacking fans. If you ask me, they should be banned from the game. At least Artest should be, because he is the one in the video. Seriously, sportsmanship is one of the things we have over Morroco, or whatever stupid countries that can't hold a soccer match without people pummeling each other. I used to think America was beyond this kind of behavior. Oh well, I wasn't planning on going to a Pacers game anytime soon anyway. Trump's casinos are filing for bankruptcy. He's real proud of that. What a great businessman. No seriously, we should all go buy his book and learn how to treat our employees like crap, because it's obviously a winning strategy. Anyway, something boring is going on in Ukraine, a new computer game is being released so we can all take part in the assassination of JFK. Wow, I can't wait to get my hands on that. Thanks Scotland, it's sure to be a hit among delinquents here in America who are tired of killing no-name hookers and pedestrians. Finally we can shoot at a real figurehead. Sure he was born 30 years before anyone who is playing was born, but it'll really piss off Grandpa. Here's another story for those of you getting swept up in the taser craze: It took two shots to get this 14-year old to drop his gameboy. That's dedication, especially since he won't play it anymore after he gets the new DS for Christmas in about a month. Scott Peterson's trial is going into the sentencing phase. I just can't wait, can you? We're under attack by mysterious black triangles. Although I think they're kinda pretty. Shoppers in San Fransico may have to face a new grocery bag tax, and this girl got 21 days because she forgot to turn off her cellphone in court. Other than that, not much has happened over the weekend. Here's a little helpful holiday traveling tip if you happen to be a hot chick. Drive, or take the bus.

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