Friday, November 05, 2004


Marry Out

Fed up with George W. Bush? Afraid he is going ruin your life? Are you ready to move to Canada? Let me offer you a short cut. Marrying a Canadian is usually the fastest way to get in. You won't have to suffer through any more of the next 4 years than you have to, and we won't have to suffer through having you around complaining about how you want to leave very long either. Your welcome to go, and Canada is much farther along the Liberalism process than the U.S. is. Let us have our country back, so we can keep some of the money we earn, and mention God in public, policies Canada abandoned long ago. If you were just talking about moving the whole time to make us all feel bad, then you can shut up, because the only ones who feel sorry for you are other Leftists. The rest of us (the majority of the country) are just laughing at you, and secretly hoping you meant it.

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