Saturday, November 06, 2004


Lucas's Redemption?

Growing up, I loved Star Wars. Unlike your typical internet blogger though, I lost alot of interest in the series, especially with the mediocrity of the release of the first two episodes. They entertained me, but not like they used to when I was younger, and didn't get hung up on things like poorly delivered lines, and cheesy characters. When the first episode came out, however many years ago, I was excited. The second one I looked forward to. The third, I could have cared less up until tonight. I saw the newest trailer that ran before "The Incredibles." (Good movie, BTW, go check it out). From what I could tell, Episode 3 looks fantastic. The trailer depicted huge spaceship battles, armies of stormtroopers and wookies, and reminded me of why I liked the series so much in the first place. Awesome, sci-fi action. I realized that I'm still a sucker for a lightsaber duel, and that I can't wait until the movie comes out on May 5, 2005. (12:01 AM, if my friends have anything to do with it.)

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