Wednesday, November 10, 2004


A Little Too Much Toungue, Maybe?

Sometimes you want something so bad, that nothing can convince you otherwise. This doctor believed a woman's heart had stopped, so he rushed to give her CPR, and he didn't stop until emergency crews arrived at his office... despite the woman's objections. Yes, the woman asked him to stop administering CPR to her, and he continued to do so, anyway. Now I imagine being a doctor can be kind of a lonely job, but I'm not sure that this is entirely appropriate. I mean if the woman was cool with it, I'd understand. But pulse or no pulse, if she doesn't want CPR, then you shouldn't force it. Breathing or not, if she says she is uncomfortable with the situation, maybe you should listen to her, and not argue. Norwegian health authorities are considering CPR training for the doctor. I think that's a good idea. Clearly he'd be a good doctor, if he had a better understanding of the difference between a dead woman and an alive woman, and the ethics of saving the life of either.

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